Grants and Award writing


Awards - grants - who doesn't want to win one?

You get recognition  for your business or organisation - locally, statewide, nationally, maybe even internationally.

Grants bring additional funding to help you carry out your research, marketing, extend your current services to more clients or introduce new services.

You can continue to use your success as leverage to gain more exposure, more grants, more awards...

Awards - grants - why not take advantage of the many on offer? 

Act now - apply for a grant or award

Give me a call on 0419 707 719 - I can help you write your grant or award submission. I've written award-winning national and state nominations. 

I can identify potential grants and award submission opportunities; write and edit them; gain the appropriate approvals and manage the compilation of the document for you. 

 As the saying goes, 'you have to be in it to win it!'

 Call me now on 0419 707 719 or email for a free, no-obligation discussion.